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The Konza Choir is open to treble-voiced students in 6th-10th grade.

They rehearse on Monday evenings during the academic year. 

Konza is the main traveling ensemble and seeks to attend a convention or festival each year. In 2020, they performed at the Kansas Music Educators Association State Convention and planned to travel to Chicago in April to perform the national anthem at a Chicago White Sox game.

Unfortunately, those plans were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Other notable performances:

  • 2019 performance at Carnegie Hall in New York as part of the Manhattan Concert Productions Choral Series

  • 2018 collaboration with Wichita Grand Opera, Wichita Symphony Orchestra, and international pop artist Chris Mann for Chris Mann, Home for the Holidays Part 2, at Century II in Wichita

  • 2017 McCain Performance Series

  • 2017 tour to St. Louis to perform at the Six Flags Choral Music Festival

  • 2016 collaboration with the K-state choirs, Lawrence Children's Choir, and Kansas City ballet for a performance of Carmina Burana at the Kauffman Center in Kansas City

Members of the Konza choir are excited to travel to Scotland in 2022 for the first FHCC international tour!

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